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  4. I'm a submissive CD who adores dressing in slutty hooker-type outfits, and loves to be dominated by others. I love both dominant males and other gurls who dress like me! I have been dressing on/off for several years now, and have developed interest in learning more about the bdsm scene. I do love wearing ball gags when dressed up, love being paddled, but not into extreme pain. I joined this site recently to meet new friends and hope the members here enjoy my photos!
  5. please send me a not if u want to do anything you want to me no limits.
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  8. Hey rose! No I have never been forced to crossdressing but I know a couple of people who were. What are your experience about this forces crossdressing? Share!
  9. Seeing how pathetic it is when is leaking! Locktober 2021
  10. What was your nastiest sissy experience? could you share it?
  11. People call us names all the time. Do you feel hurtful at these comments generally used for sissies like us ?
  12. I want to become a sissy slave to my wife, but I am not sure how do i tell her. Can you guide me that How do i tell my wife that I want to be her sissy slave.
  13. Do women like sissies? What are their views about sissies and crossdressers?
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