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  1. Hey rose! No I have never been forced to crossdressing but I know a couple of people who were. What are your experience about this forces crossdressing? Share!
  2. Agreed! Many of them do not understand this. I want the posting member to accept that not all are submissive.
  3. One of thing you can do is to watch the sissy or cuckold porn together and discuss the same with your husband and keep thrusting on it. If he is submissive, I am sure he will accept the chastity cage.
  4. How many of you have a direct firsthand experience of being a sissy slave for someone 24x7? How does it feel to be a sissy slave? What are the pros and what are the cons? What did you like and what you didnt like during this slavery experience?
  5. Many new fresher sissies want to become sissy sluts now a days and I dont know the exact reason why this is happening. I am kind of happy that in my sissy academy everyday , we are enrolling about 4 to 5 sissies and this makes me earn a butt load of money, but why do you think this is happening? Its not like I dont want this to happen, but there must be some reason behind this. Why so many males are now becoming sissies and why dont they want to fuck woman? Why so many people wants to get fucked like a cheap slut?
  6. This is by far the most asked question of all times. The question that says how to become a sissy slut? What do you say about this question? How did you become the sissy slut?
  7. What kind of adventures are we talking about?
  8. Why do you want to cope with desires of penis? Dont you like taking penis? You are sissy right?
  9. Who exactly caught you ? And what was their reactions to you being a crossdresser?
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