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  1. OMG master I am so so so so so sorry I haven't replied. I didn't know master. Please contact me again. I would be yours at you will master. I hope you like my pussy as I would be so happy if my master got a hard cock at thinking about fucking me
  2. My wife realised I was a sissy and made me realise I needed to get fucked by real men
  3. I not only agree with the above comments girls. I know the certainly we share is our pinnacle pleasure through femininity. Our craving for more and more as the pleasure only increases the more we feel soft smooth and slutty. Nearly exploding with need to have a man inside us. To use us in every way as his servant girl. Sissy hypnosis is bliss!
  4. © I want to have the best sissy pussy!

  5. © I want to have the best sissy pussy!

  6. Hello dear Charny, i see Your in Australia! i am too! i hope we can chat and compare sissy notes sometime! Ooops my name is danni!
  7. Hi guys and demi gods and goddesses. Id like to post some photos of my progression into pleasure. To be completely trained by my wife as her sissy to allow us to have stranger sessions with different men every week. Doing anything they want. Dreamland
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