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  1. The moment I went onto my knees, my hands automatically caught into the underpants of faceless bodies. It was all around me, Suffocating but thrilling. I was kinda enjoying the moment . The most important thing during this kind of activity is the music that plays on the backdrop. I am not sure whether there was any music or my mind played it for me, but It was just like the movie stuff. A porn movie stuff to be precise. Almost all the underpants went down. I did myself only one, but other penises were out too. Natually, as you might imagine, what comes next. I started taking cocks in my mouth. One after another. I dont remember whether any of them repeated but it kept on the inside out thing in my mouth and at one point my mouth started paining. There was no possibility to have the control over time and i dont even recall anyone discussing about time. To be frank I never thought that this night will ever end. After sucking the cocks, i was taken to the bed and was fucked like an animal for god knows how long. One dick in ass, one in mouth, two in hands, photos and videos were a thing. Booz, boobies and bukkake was probably the theme that night and it happened the same way with me. I dont recall how many times those people came that night, but I came twice or thrice without even touching my dicklet. I woke up next day sore, and the room was fill with sunlight. I didnt recall everything I have been through but it was all slutty and anyone who understands the bukkake could relate what had happened in the room that night. My bra, panties , shorts and all were here and there. Most of them left but daddy and two more were there. Daddy smiled looking at me and told me that I was a rockstar last night. I was a little ashamed. How could I enjoy all this? But I did. Well, I headed for the bathroom but my daddy told me not to. He told me to wear whatever I could and today was the public humiliation day. I asked him not to do that, but he said he wanted me to be humiliated today as this was the perfect time for him. He told me to wear pink lingerie which I had wore the last night and gave me a shirt with almost transparent appearance. From outside , anyone could see that I was wearing bra and panties. I wore as my daddy told me . During this time the coffee, breakfast and other things came to the room and the other two men left winking at me and with a promise to meet again shortly. Then daddy told me to go out of the room, take the stairs down the reception and wait for him in the parking lobby in the present form of my appearance. I had no other choice. When i left the room, no one saw me. I thought no one will see me but boy I was wrong. I took the stairs and here comes the people's eyes that actually saw me with disgust and giggling. I some how managed, and get to the parking spot and daddy came after about 20 mins. During this time many eyes violated me with lust or disgust. I dont remember. But I felt humiliated. Next thing was, the daddy asked me not to sit in the car, but to head towards the mall that was on the opposite side of the hotel. He told me to go inside and buy panties and bras from Victoria's secret store. I did the same ,but i cant forget how humiliating it was for me to have entered the store , talked to the sales girl and bought the panties. It was quite a stuff. My daddy was observing me all during this time and finally he asked me over the phone to come back in the parking. Since morning , hundreds of eyes have seen me in my fucked up makeup and dress. I could not even walk properly and it appeared clearly that I have been fucked whole night. Hangover was fading away in this humiliation. i got to the mall parking, where daddy asked me to come inside the car. He dropped me near my apartment and I had to walk to my place in whatever condition I was in. Now that I am not his slave or sissy anymore, I remember this incident and cant stop feeling humiliated and excited at the same time! Will meet you in the next story!
  2. Frank


    Heya! What exactly you wanted to see? Care to share?
  3. Daddy came towards me, hugged me and kissed me. Then he took me between all these men and all of a sudden another man replaced the daddy and he kissed me. He kissed me good for about some seconds and then he was replaced by a black man. It kept on going like that and then started the groping. I felt hands on my ass, on my little boobies, my thighs and all. During this time, my tiny dicklet got excited too. All these years I have trained myself to not get aroused by anything like that, but this was amazing to feel. My dick is tiny and i guess all of them knew that I am a sissy down there and it definitely didnt bother any of them. tens of hands were playing with my body and they were like doing whatever they could. groping, pressing, even scratching. My mouth was continuously being kissed and then came the time when I was pulled down on my shoulders to go on my knees. I knew what was next.
  4. Then I went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. I was looking sexy and cute, but Oh my god! This many people will fuck me? What am I ? A whore? How could my daddy do this to me? But then I remember, whats the harm in trying it? What could go wrong? All were from decent society, and as far as I know my daddy, he must have confirmed the fitness status of all those involved. I prepared myself mentally for what was about to come and then I wore what my daddy has specially kept in the bathroom for me. Oh my god, it was the sluttiest costume I have ever seen. I wore it and along with, there were high heel shoes. I came out of the bathroom and i saw everyone in their underpants and have drinks. All were well built and I didnt know where to start. I guess the daddy got why I was confused.
  5. What was he talking about? How can she do this to me? He had fucked me in a group before, but by having a look at all these people, it was not a random group. I was more than a group and it seemed that my daddy had pimped me out. Now that I look back and think how humiliating that night was, at that time, I was just a sissy who was supposed to be following all the rules by her daddy and thats exactly what I did that night. As i told you i dont have the number with me as how many of them used me that night, I am pretty sure, the number was not less than a dozen, The men were really strong and they were like a mini US. Some were hispanic, some were african americans and some white dudes. Daddy came to me and told me to go to bathroom and wear something sexy. What did he mean by sexy? He didnt officially tell me what i have to do with all these men around me , and he expected me to understand what I had to do. Anyways, As i told you i was drunk and lusty, so got up and went to the bathroom. When i was getting up, I flipped my ass in the air like a erotic star and i think that made the crowd go berserk.
  6. Each one of them entered the room and the Daddy was like welcoming every one. They were talking about some gift daddy had for them. Later only i regained my senses and came to know, I was the gift. My sugar daddy was about to present me to these men and I was like the sluttiest person in the room. I was feminine, drunk, lusty and ready to do anything with anyone in the room. Why would anything go wrong? I mean , the daddy had it planned right from the start. So, ultimately all of them entered the room and one by one, sat around me. "Sexy"- Said one of the random man to my daddy. "Yes, she is. All for you tonight"- Daddy replied.
  7. So, this is my first sissy sex story I am writing here for all the viewers of this forum. So, here it goes. I think it was somewhere in the late 2007. The world was really very slow at that time compared to now. I used to have a daddy/dom, who was paying me a good amount of money and affection I needed at that time. He was like a real tall guy and was in the finance, so the money was not a problem for him and he literally gave a me lot of money just to be his sissy slave. He used to keep me with him for the weekends and I used to serve him as a sissy slave , woman in whatever possible way I liked. He used to fuck me, even share me with his other friends. Well, one thing that he liked the most was how liked to have bukkake and gangbang thing. We had discussed this earlier and at one occasion, it was 3 other men along with him when they pounded me whole night, but that was a decent meet up. It happened, and I liked it. So, one fine day, daddy and me were on a long car drive , and I was of course dressed cute and sexy and he took me to a big hotel with him. The hotel was nice and it was very common in my city to dress like a woman and check into hotel rooms with anyone you like, afterall it was 2007. I went into the hotel room and it was all nice and cozy and we spent a little time there. One thing i forgot to tell you is that daddy has ordered me to keep a bag ready with all sort of female stuff along with some sexy clothes and dresses. I had that bag with me and I have taken that to the room too. We became all cozy and i changed. I wore a dress that was even sexier than the first one. It all happened in about half an hour. He called someone, and I thought it was the room service for the food and drinks. We made out and kissed and cuddled and drank a little. The drink was already on the table and we just flew in the flow. The lust and alcohol has done its part and I forgot that I am a man , biologically. I just wanted to be taken by him right there, real hard. Door bell rang. He got up and opened the door. All this time , I thought it is the room service or the food, but to my shock, a group of well dressed man entered the room and I could not even count how many of them were there!
  8. Kindly share your experience as a sissy slave here. May be your first time, may be the best one you had, or whatever, just share what you have with you to share. Just let the world know what sort of a sissy slave experience you have with you.
  9. Becoming a sissy slave for someone for 24X7 is something that doesnt happen all the time. There are times when this happens and let me tell you, when this happens, the feelings are definitely amazing, but I feel people exaggerate about them becoming a sissy slave for 24X7. Money is not involved in this type of slavery relations but I do feel that some of the sugar daddies and sugar babes are interested in money and they do money thing also. I have my self personally been through this and I find the idea quite exciting and sexy. But in the end it is a fantasy. You cant be a slave for your life. but its a great fantasy kind of thing for a short duration.
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