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Have you ever been forced to crossdress?


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It would depend on thousands of variables. I think forced crossdressing is usually a kind of fantasy, although lots and lots of people would "play" with it. If a male has no choice, he also has no responsibility. Humiliation could be a very bad memory, or a whole lot of fun, depending on so much.

For me, there was, I guess you could say, "absolute equality in worth between males and females," in our upbringing. Why would a male be embarrassed to be seen as girly or femme, if there were no sense of males being superior? So for me, crossdressing was always a delight, but growing up in a family in which I was the only penis-equipped person, I didn't really see it as "crossdressing". Some of my very earliest memories, going WAY back, include really enjoying the frilly playsuits I had. One especially I remember crying about, when it was eventually taken away from me. (I remember being upset when very old teddy bears likewise "disappeared" from my possession.)

Years later I associated gentle, beautiful, natural things with feminine panties and lingerie. And I felt wars and loud arguments were the realm of males. I could be as tough as I wanted, but by choice I've lived my entire lifetime in panties and nylons, and brassieres. In all those years I was not "forced" to  crossdress, because I would generally have been able to get out of a situation if I really didn't like what was happening. Having said that, I was raped three times; some people would say more than that, depending on criteria. Every time I was raped, I was dressed like a girl.

The most important part of my own experience, though, is whether (or how much) my entire lifetime  could be seen as forced feminization. At home in my early years, there was certainly not much choice regarding what to wear. I never wore blue jeans until I was in my mid-teens. My oldest sister was my mentor, for sure, and she encouraged me always to "be myself" and to accept the basic femininity of our home. And there was nothing I loved better than doing just that—which meant wearing nylon slips, beautiful panties and brassieres; so many wonderful things. Our default style around the house was based on babydolls, which this day are favourites of mine. They were teensy shortie things you could see right through, with panties under; and the panties were see-thru too. So was that "forced"? Well, the idea WAS to be ultra-feminine and unltra-sensual, and I recall learning how to buy the right denier in nylon stockings YEARS before my girlfriends knew there even WAS such a word as "denier"—our family was raised very strictly and I can't imagine not conforming.

I don't know if that is helpful to your question or not. The sexes have changed SO MUCH in their expression during my lifetime. I suppose cross-dressing can't possibly BE cross-dressing when a person simply loves wearing panties, or—still my signature summertime choice—spandex short-shorts that are ultra-short, with pantyhose. That's ME, and I've lived enough of my life now to say with confidence it always will be.

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