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I have girly thoughts, What should I do?

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This is one of the most simple and yet powerful question you will ever come across. Once in your life, you must have thought about becoming a girl and how you are a girl from inside but have to live like a man for the society. So what do you think it is all about and where do you see yourself with such questions about your own sexuality?


To be frank, I would rather answer this question the way it should be answered. I dont want you to feel that you are alone in this world where it is not easy to identify yourself in the gender other than you are born in.


I have been doing some research about this issue and I assure you that at least 40% of straight men have had these thoughts where they consider themselves as girls.


The reason is simple. We like girls. Girls have a better sense of life than most boys. and that is probably the reason boys want to be like girls. Firs of all let me assure you that it is perfectly normal. Many of the straight boys have these feelings.


Its upto you that with time either you will give up these girly feelings, or you will get more attracted towards men as you yourself is a girl.


Life moves on, and it doesnt matter which side you are, but Just keep one thing in mind. Be safe and always practice safe sex. You will read a lot of things on the internet, but not all are correct. You just live your life without giving much thoughts about the society, but do give thoughts to your health. Your health is important and you have to take responsibility.

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A couple of summers ago, I stood beside my coffee vendor at Wreck Beach. This is Vancouver's gorgeously natural, clothing-optional beach that lies under Bald Eagles and glistens all summer in a naked sunshine with Douglas-firs behind. Unsurprisingly, an absolutely made-in-Heaven, perfect girl came up to buy some coffee for herself. Naked all over: nude as naked as nude could be, five-foot-six of ohmygoodness. Her boobs were out of this world. A couple of God's best creations. And naked to perfection.

She was so picture-perfect, though unassuming, my tongue got all tangled up in Which Words to Say. Finally I made some stupid-ish  comment about how it must be to wake up mornings and to see a naked girl—herself—so perfectly enhancing the mirror.

Every day of her life.

But then Dan, the coffee-man, suggested: "Well, it wouldn't be anything like you indicate." As the boob-owner and a female, our lady here would never think like that. She might feel good about her body in a more ordinary way, but only a healthy kind of way. Aware but not overwhelmed. YOU are overwhelmed, because (1) you are not her, and (2) you are not her sex."

Hmm. I wondered if I were jealous, or maybe maximammalarly envious. And I wondered whether my longing to BE her, regarding her Boobs-parts, might mean I was not totally male, after all. Oops.

I'm still not sure. I think about it sometimes. Then I see HER again, and her two unbelievable Boobs, naked in the sunshine.

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