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Sissy Masters

Does a sissy want to be caught in crossdressing?

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5 hours ago, Sissy Master said:

Who exactly caught you ? And what was their reactions to you being a crossdresser?

My one experience of being caught, was with an ex girlfriend, we both worked in a hotel in the Lake district, and one weekend she was visiting friends, I took this opportunity to dress up, she came back early and oops.

Her reaction was quite unexpected, as she was surprised but had suspected I had been dressing up for a while, but hadn't caught me. At first I was a little ashamed, but also very relieved my secret was out.

It created a stronger bond between us, and we did part company later that year, as she had an opportunity to work overseas.

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13 hours ago, Tia said:

Yes I agree I want to be caught. But not for the humiliation. I want a man to have that knowledge to use as power over me. So he can control me, and make me his personal slut/sex toy. 

There are plenty of men who would be willing to use you as a personal slut and sex toy. 


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10 hours ago, SubKathy said:

Getting caught although humiliating is often liberating and allows us sissies to move forward embrace our true nature

Thats one way of saying that. Basically you want to be caught because it excites you and this is a fantastic feeling for many of them to get caught in the crossdressing and their sissy attire. 

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I think most want to ALMOST get caught... but not really. It's like denial... they WANT to cum, but not really. The ones who actually want to get 'caught' and 'forced' just want to pretend like it wasn't their idea in the first place...

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