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My wife divorced me, because I am a crossdresser!

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So here is my story and I wanted to share this with you all. 

It all started in my college days when i learnt that I am more comfortable in the female clothes and I started to crossdress . Before this time, I was like a real man who used to like being with girls but slowly slowly i realized I was girl from inside. During this time, I met my ex-wife in college and then we fell in love and got married. It was a lovely story until one day i accepted my fate as a girl and started living dual life behind my girl. 

It was getting hard to live dual life, and one day i decided to come out to her. I expected that she will be supportive to me, but no ! She was not, the love she had for me went away and one thing led to other and than came the divorce thing. 

I was subject to ridicule in the courtroom and my family also made to pay for my dual life. But luckily, its all over now, and I am living my life the way i want to live. 

I am the sluttiest sissy you can expect someone to be. Trust me, everything happens for a reason! 

Be happy guys and girls! 

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Most people will think it as a sad story, but its the best thing that has happened to me. I dont remember how many people I have slept with as a girl after my divorce and I couldn't be happier. 

This is not a sad story. This is a happy story!

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Many woman divorce their husbands for not being the man they want. Its a fact that not all man are equal and some would definitely want to be in the panties and bras to be sexy for other men, but things happen and you cant do anything in this case. I hope you are fine , what was her initial reaction and how did she find out about you? 

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I have heard such stories. One such story i have read on reddit that goes like this, 


Do any other married sissies ever get used and humiliated by your wife? My wife and are have been married 15 yrs. been a sissy to her for 13, a cuckold to her for 12, she forced me to take on a male lover about 5 yrs ago and chastised me about 3 yrs ago. My wife has a bf of 3 yrs, he won’t allow me to watch them or even be at our house when he comes over. At times she goes to Vegas with him and when he goes with us I have to stay in another room and he drives up with her or on his own if he is going with friends or family. We go to a local Indian casino resort often as it is only about 35 minutes away. This Friday we decided to go and she invited a girlfriend of hers. This girl is a bit butch and after a few years of working together my wife told she had been her to this girl. They would have sex at work all the time. She invited this friend and her husband, I don’t think the husband is aware as he is smaller and not very dominant. We gambled they drank plenty. I got into a poker tournament and would go back and see how they were doing when I got brakes. On my last visit about midnight they said goodbye just incase they weren’t there next time I came over. About 30 minutes later I got a text from my wife that just said “don’t come up”. This meant don’t come up to the room. I got that punch in the guy feeling and didn’t know what to think or who she could have went up to the room with. Finally about 2 AM the tournament ended and I went to the room and seen the DND sign on the door. I waited in the ice/vending room. I feel asleep and when I woke about an hour later and I didn’t see the DND sign. I went into the room slowly and found my wife on the bed alone. The room smelled of sex, my wife was in her heels and torn nylons. I took off my clothing and only left on my nylons, thong and chastity on. The window was open and with the moon light I could see she had cum on her face and was very drunk as her speech was slurring. I started to kiss her face and taste the cum and started to lick it, then she took a hand full of hair and pulled me down to her pussy. Her pussy was so hot and sloppy I liked from her clit to her ass and felt cum all over. She started to main and ask if I liked eating her used pussy. I’d nod yes, she came in my mouth as I clean her. Then she told me to take my cage off, I did as I was told and while still over her she told me to put it in her. The last time we had sex was new years and I’ve spent 80% of the time from new years to date locked. My clitty hasn’t gotten hard or orgasmed if not by being fucked. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get hard but managed to get it semi hard. I slipped it in and could feel how lose and wet it was. It didn’t take long for me to cum. She told me how disappointed she was. She told me to get JR, JR is a mold of her BF’s cock. I’ve seen it and even sucked it but she has never allowed it in me. She had brought a strap-on and put it on and told me to get on my back. She spread my legs and put the tip on my asspussy, she entered me slowly with one long stroke. I was amazed on the size and how thick it was. She asked me did I like how her BF felt. She started to fuck me in a steady pace. I knew she was drunk because he was being nastier with me than usual, she started to ask me did I like being fucked by real man, did I like being a sissy and watching her be fucked. She asked why was I suck a sissy. She told me she resented me (when we met I was my wife’s 2nd lover and she took pride in being so exclusive). She said if she knew she end up having sex with so many man she wouldn’t have married me that she wanted to only have a few lovers and be happily married. She said she felt like I turned her into a slutty whore, I didn’t say much but his plastic cock felt so good and before long my limp clitty climaxed without even touching it. I felt so humiliated, I knew everything she was correct.
She took her strap-on off and put it on me. Then she got on top and started riding it. She said you see this is how I hide his big cock, he feels so good deep in me. She was riding hard, I could feel her ass slapping on me. She continued to tell me how useless I was and how much she loved his cock. She orgasmed and got off and turned over and went to sleep. I was in a daze. I felt so humiliated by the things she told me but I knew every one of them was true. It took some time but I eventually fell asleep. I never did find out who she had sex with that night. Being that she brought the strap-on I think it could have been her girlfriend but at the same time she has so much cum on her I think she had at least two guys fuck her.


I am not sure how similar this is to your story, but please know that you are not alone and there are many such people who have felt the same way as you. So relax, and as you said, the times are great now, Enjoy being the slut you are!

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Just now, Diana said:

He meant are you happy now as you are enjoying your life. 

I dont think he meant that. Its alright, I guess he is slutty now. But I dont want this to be a sad story,  and i find this as a great turn of events where a guy wanted to live as a girl and his wife was the problem in the way and hence, got divorced. The sissy is happy now. Isnt it?

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This happens with many woman. I am sure, before making this decision , your wife lost respect for you as a man and then only she has taken this decision. Not completely wrong, but yes, things happen in this world and you can just stay away from all these things. 

People now a days are so slutty that you dont even need to recall most of it, as it is happening every now and then all around us. Its a good thing that now atleast you are living your dream life. 

I want you to be happy and healthy. 

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