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What it feels to live like a sissy slave 24X7 ? Do you have any first hand experience?

Sissy Master

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I was once with a mistress for 3 days. I was her complete slave for 24X7 and we stayed in a hotel during that time. She was really something amazing. She knew how to handle sissies and make them slave. 

Actually, most of the time the slavery is an art. Not all are aware of this. During these three days, I did whatever she told me that even included toilet humiliation. But i enjoyed every bit of it. 

Super stuff.

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Yes, I would love to tell you about it. 

I searched her through craigslist in the suburbs region. We talked over the phone and she was quite upfront about her femdom life. She was a pure devil inside the room. 

Touching her with my hands were off the list right from the initial moment. 

Now, She already was checked in the room, and she already told me the list of stuff i need to bring to the hotel. Three days we did some pretty crazy time. Also, we went out of the hotel room as girls. 

Inside the room, I was her slave and that continued even outside at the beach and movie theatre. 

It was all possible because the hotel we stayed was away from my place of living and it was thrilling. 

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Becoming a sissy slave for someone for 24X7 is something that doesnt happen all the time. There are times when this happens and let me tell you, when this happens, the feelings are definitely amazing, but I feel people exaggerate about them becoming a sissy slave for 24X7. 

Money is not involved in this type of slavery relations but I do feel that some of the sugar daddies and sugar babes are interested in money and they do money thing also.

I have my self personally been through this and I find the idea quite exciting and sexy. But in the end it is a fantasy. You cant be a slave for your life. but its a great fantasy kind of thing for a short duration. 


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